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Jasmine Ellis is a Canadian choreographer and dance film director based out of Munich Germany. 


A graduate of Etobicoke School of the Arts, The School of Toronto Dance Theatre and Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory, Ellis has worked professionally in dance as a performer and choreographer since 2006. She has performed for companies like Dorky Park – Costanza Marcas (DE), Random Collison (NL), Zata Omm – William Young (CA), Satellit Produktion – David Russo (DE), the Bayersicer States Opera (DE), and for many choreographers including Edan Gorlicki (NL), Ido Batash (IS), Anna Reiti (HG), Audrey Bergeron (CA), Brodie Stevenson (CA).

Ellis creations are often collaborative, sometimes for stage and often for camera. In the 2017 / 2016 season she co-presented two collaborative evenings at Schwere Reiter Theatre ‘I AM REAL LIFE’ and ‘For…Two…Step…Next…’ as well as presenting ‘Placebo’ as part of Tanztendenz ofen studios. The short film ‘ Cargo ‘ at HIER=JETZT festival all in Munich Germany.

As part of Springboard Danse Montréal she presented her own chorography Relent (2016) and Lila (2016) and was invited back the following summer and presented ‘ease of confusion’ (2017) and in ‘courage, my love’ (2017) in Montreal Canada.

Ellis created and presented the new work ‘Attempted ‘ at OpenFLR in Florance Italy ( 2017). Ellis was also invited to a creation residency with La broke lab ( Montreal) in 2016.

As a performer she appeared in numerous productions in 2016 including ‘ the Players’ by Edan Gorlick that has been awarded the Stuttgart Theaterpreis 2017, and will continue to tour in 2017, as well as premiere Edan’s latest work ‘Lucky Bastards’ Dec 2017 in Mannheim at EinTanz Haus.

Ellis was awarded the Debütförderung für freie Tanzschaffende 2017 from the city of Munich (Kulturreferat der LH München). She will pr evening length show ‘ ‘Empathy’ Jan 2018.

A resident of Munich for many years Ellis is proactive in cultivating a lively free dance scene in Munich. Co-creator of Munich DancePAT with Katrin Shafitel, Ellis programs and facilities guest artist to teach monthly professional morning training in collaboration with Tanztendenz Munich e.V .


Artistic Director at Bad Posture Productions

Co -Artistic Director at  Munich DancePAT

Member of Dance Buro München


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